From the Author

Second Chance in Life - From the Author

The author of The Second Chance in Life refers to it as an opportunity to start over. To make amends, and pursue a new path towards a better future. It is a chance to learn from adversities and embrace new possibilities with hope and determination 


Our History, Our Author

More than just Books.

Following on from the success of the first book, author Dr Bhaskar Bora has co-authored a second book – Reflections from the Heart – Anthology of 100 Poems.

His first book has been translated into Assamese named Jibonor Dwitoyo Sujug’ and has been hugely successful. It is now also been translated in Persian and a few other languages.

What I Do

Making Something Inspirational.

The Second Chance in Life is a  powerful idea that encourages individuals to reflect on their past mistakes. To make positive changes for the future. Writing about second chances in life has been inspired by his personal experiences and observations of others.  The Second Chance in Life can offer hope and encouragement. It is for those who may be struggling with difficult circumstances and seeking a fresh start.

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